Still a Million Miles from Normal

Don’t expect me to be perfect because I can’t, I can’t be the person you want me to be I can only try to attain to that level. you are not also perfect. there is one attitude in you that I don’t like but you don’t see anything wrong with that because you are not also perfect like me!


I am not like other people. I can never be. I can never be that person who does things in the moment because they feel good. I want things to feel right in the long run. I don’t want to have a moment and lose on an opportunity of future. I would rather have a better tomorrow than have a moment right now.

I overthink? No. Thinking is an involuntary action for me. That is the only thing I know how to do. I have to think. That is the way I was programmed. For people like me, there is no such thing as overthinking. I make up various situations, ask questions, answer them and then worry over a hypothetical result. But then, that is the reason I am where I am today. My situations might be hypothetical, but they do have a touch of reality to them. I analyze!

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Doing the right thing

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There is a stage in life, where you pretty much know who you are, and all that is left is just to maintain……because our minds is like alcohol and as the bartenders of own own sanity or our own consciousness, we are in charge of mixing it up and chasing it to our level of threshold. do the right thing in your prime.

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Hey guys, hope y’all staying indoors and safe? I am going to be addressing the ladies! i had a conversation with someone yesterday and i was so blessed because i shared some secrets about relationships, what we ladies do to our partner that is irritating, but we think it is fun and you are been saucy about it expecting him not to be pissed or angry with you. Sometimes it is better to lose and do the right thing than to win and do the wrong thing.

There are four things we should take into consideration… Ethics, integrity, honesty and respect. when we have this, we will be to enjoy our love life, self esteem , relationship with others and so on.

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Hello everyone! how are you all doing during this “period”? For the continuation on LOVE ESTEEM, i need comments, contributions and suggestions from everyone. don’t forget to stay safe and spread love.

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The Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and Self-Love Equation | Saint Belford

Love is patient, caring, love is kind. love is felt most when it is genuine, but i have had my share of love abuse, manipulated, denied, betrayed but i have come to understand that if i dont love my self first i cant get the love i want from the second party. when i think about the days of my low self /love esteem i feel positive about now and the future because my enemies did try but couldn’t triumph over me.. yes! they did try but couldn’t triumph over me.

“they whispered, conspired, they told their lies”

“my character my integrity my faith in God”

“I will not fall, will not bend, won’t compromise”

“I speak life and prosperity and i speak wealth!!

Is Low Self-Esteem Preventing You From Finding Love? - Love Quiz

So speak positive things to yourself everyday of your life. you reading this…you are strong, bold, beautiful/handsome, intelligent, you can love, you are love because God is love. nothing can stop you from loving yourself, you are different and unique in your own way which is rare and cant be copied. only you has the key to your hapiness! (TO BE CONTINUED…)


yoruba mythology

OJO AJE (Monday): This is the day on which money joined Orisa on earth and is known as the day of money. Yoruba people use this day to start business, and to discuss economic and financial programs.

OJO ISEGUN (Tuesday): This is the day of victory. This is the day all evil forces are overpowered. It is a good day to start anything that leads to a better quality of life.

OJORU (Wednesday): This is the day problems, calamities, disruptions and confusions entered the world. It is the day of confusion. It is a good day to pray against all forms evils. 

OJOBO (Thursday)- This is the day on which names of the days arrived. It is a day on which Ancestors visit the family. This is why every important festival begins on Thursday- Ojobo. It also believed that the departed souls also visit their households and families on this day.

OJO ETI (Friday)- This day is synonymous with postponement. It is believed that whatever people have to do on this day should be postponed or else it would fail. This is why it is not advisable to begin business and journeys on this day.

ABAMETA (Saturday)- This day share same attribues with Ojo Eti. In order to avoid three types of negative incidents, the Yoruba don’t use Saturday to bury a person, unless the person is an elder. It should be noted that the Yoruba treat ojo Abameta and Eti in the same way

OJO AIKU (Sunday)- Ojo Aiku otherwise known as Ojo Isinmi is the day of rest, and the day Orunmila buried Imi, the mother of Esu Odara. (see The Adventures of Obatala Vol. 1 Yemi Elebuibon for more information). On this day the people of the world requested immortality (aiku) from Olodumare. Orunmila, a close confidant of Olodumare refused to make propitiation and he was unable to bring immortality (aiku) for all inhabitants of earth; hence people had to die. Fortunately, premature death can be prevented by offering sacrifice to Olodumare on this day.

we should always remember to sread love everyday and every time…